The End Of Man

Birder Birdesius


Once upon a time...

When the Earth was still young, the oceans where clean and clear and there where green trees growing all over the planet.

Here was only good, and the world was full of love...

In this world lived a species called Birders, the Birders lived in the deep forests, and was one with nature.

They had no leader, but lived in unity with each other and nature. They lived close to a water source, to stay clean and hydrated, the Birders were a beautiful species, and cared for their bodies.

For food the Birders lived on nuts and leaves from the forest, and ate only as much as they needed, to avoid to overconsume what the planet was providing, it should be enough for everyone.

They moved on all four and were good climbers, their place of living was in small nests in the trees, where they lived together or alone, everything was shared between everyone. Jealousy and evil did not exist in this peaceful world of the Birders.


Hippbirdus Birdus


The earth continued to spin...

But as time goes, living things develop and soon what was once known as a living species is only a memory of the past.

After as much as 7 million years the Birders had developed into what we today know as the Hippbirdus, that was no longer an animal that walked on all four, but a taller creature that stood up on two legs.

They lived on the mountains, close to a water source with fresh mountain water, that would keep them from going thirsty. They spent much time awake at night since they adored the moon. The sun was very strong and their pale and sensitive skin without feathers could not take to much sun, so the night was a time for relaxation and love.

The face of the Hippbirdus was shaped almost like a beak, as a trait from their ancestors.

The love was endless and the night was calm...



Humanus Birdusus

Only a couple of million years after the Hippbirdus populated the planet, the species of man was now fully developed, lets call them the Humans of the Caves.

The early man had still much to come until the modern man, but had an appearance that reminds of what we are used to see.

They lived in caves and houses made of clay and grass and they were no longer peaceful, but fought with each other and the other species of the world. They felt an urge to be the most important species, and rule the woods.

The Humans of the Caves were now eating the animals that their ancestors treated as equals.

They wore clothes made of animal skin and simple fabric, that their women made from hemp, linen and grass grown in the woods. These men used weapons made of stone and iron to fight enemies and to kill their food with.

The purity and equality had almost disappeared...


Humanus Manus

Time went by...

And the Humans of the Caves were soon just a memory, the evolution of man had gained speed, and the steps that before took ten million years passed now in only a few thousand years.

Religion entered the world of man, and with it came the hierarchy among human beings. These humans started to worship their ancestors, the birds, and were under the belief that the more faithful you where to these imaginary saints the closer you came to the God of Birds. If one did not achieve a faithful and clean life you ended up in the underworld, among thieves and fire.

Some of these men were self-proclaimed as the leaders of society, and therefor they believed themselves as closest to the God of Birds, and had their ticket into Paradise. They judged the people and lived their lives in luxury while most of their equals where starving to death in the lack of money and power.

There were no sign of good in this world, and the equality and love that once grew strong on the same planet was washed away. Here was nothing else than greed, inequality and judgement...



The humans populating the planet continued to develop, and the population grew bigger...

The cities were now massive, and all trees and forests were almost gone. The waste dumped in the oceans had made the water so dirty that no one could drink it, and almost nothing could live in it.

Mankind had taken the animals as prisoners in small prisons, where they had to live on top of each other waiting only to get killed big machines that will cut them to fine pieces for people to have for dinner.

The God of Birds had been the cause of over a million wars and several new Gods had appeared in the world of religion, and they did not only fight about who was closest to God, but now also who was the one true god.

Man had started to study the cause of life, and discovered that they could actually create their own life by mixing with genes. They took animals and experimented with them, copied them and changed them in to new species. Without thinking of the consequences...


Humanus Futurilius

The evolution increased in speed...

Mankind became more and more developed, the purity and goodness of the Birders had now become more of a myth, and a story too tell the children at bedtime.

Men had by gene science managed to develop their own bodies, into what they believed was the ultimate beauty. Their brains were modified and could be programmed just as any computer.

They lived in skyscrapers higher than the highest mountain, and the sky was no longer blue, but colourful from all pollution. The planet that once was full of woods and waterfalls was only a memory, all ground had been built on, and if there was trees or greens they where all man made.

Babies were no longer conceived from intercourse, but in laboratories. If you wanted a baby you had to design it yourself, to get the perfect child. The scientist had also developed a new creature, to match the image of the Birders, which would be the symbol of goodness, and devoted to the humans. Every human being had their own Birder copy as their pet that followed them around where ever they went...

Quietusus Doomerus

It did not take long, until the world of man was completely gone...
The greed and selfishness had gone to far, and it had to come to an end.

The Birder copy that man had created, that was to be the good and devoted creature to help the humans, had now turned against them.

As man continued to develop new life, the new life went far beyond human control. No intelligence of this world could stop the devastating evolution of the new life.

The Birder copy had lost all feathers, and left was just a dry, twisted skin, broken wings, and sharp teeth, and an empty, evil mind. They fed only on human flesh, and one by one they ate their masters alive.

All that now was left was a dead planet, piles of human corpses and cities on fire. The only thing alive were the monsters created by man...


The End

A Project by:

Photographer and Post Production:
Robert Eldrim, Medljus

Costume, Prosthetics & Make-up:
Linea Stenfors

3d-Modeling, "Future City":
Mats Virtanen

Rolf Lejdegård

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